Spring Break Fieldtrip to Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve,
University of California, Monterey Co., California

Spring, 2003 (March 28 to April 2) - Part 1 (or go to Part 2 or Part Three)

On the road near San Simeon

Red-tailed hawk

San Simeon Pier


Waves near San Simeon

Hearst Castle

Seal beach

Northern elephant seals

Seals and beach

Jordan and Matt

Big Sur, here we come

Santa Lucia Range looms

Getting close…

…to Big Creek

Fog belt

View towards the south

Oystercatcher Pt. in foreground

Gamboa Point in distance

First to arrive

In time for sundown

Morning at Whale Pt. Cabin

Feynner's cabin

View of Big Creek Bridge

Lookout spot

Down to Big Creek

Nice day for beaches

One last rock skip


Prof. Ee gave intro to Big Creek

Time to hit the beach

Potter's beach


Tempting but dangerous

Almost too much fun

Beach crew

Why we like this class

Gina and Heidi

Vellela vellela on beach.


Leaving Potter's

Squash bug

Healthy poison oak

Low tide at Mill Creek

Field observations

Low zone towards Mill Creek

Low zone to the south

Laminaria setchellii

Intertidal exploring


Mussels and whelks

Discurria insessa on feather boa kelp

Sunflower star with crab prey

Sunflower stars with black turban snails

Pugettia producta

Mopalia lignosa

Tegula brunnea

Sponge (Haliclona sp.)

Petrolisthes cinctipes

P. cinctipes (ventral view)

Hydroid (Aglaophenia)

Very large black abalone shell

Dina holds the same shell

Lepidochitona dentiens

Live black abalone

Same (Haliotis cracherodii)

Head view

Isopod specialist

Idotea wosnesenskii on kelp

I. wosnesenskii close up

Tonicella lokii

T. lokii head valve has zigzags

Asterina miniata (aboral view)

Wes examines sunflower star

Lots of tube feet

Asterina miniata (oral view)

Brian models Pycnopodia

Side view


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Images © D.J. Eernisse 2003