Fieldtrip to Big Creek, November 2-4, 2002

Settled in at Whale Pt. Cabin

Group on cliff

Saturnid moth caterpillar

Bridge over Big Creek

Blowing kelp

Seaweed sisters

Hiked through redwoods…

…up to the ridge

Anyone tired yet?

Good view from the ridge

Higher up on Dolan Ridge

Taking a breather


Headed back to the beach

Kelp beds to the south

Students above Potters Beach

View towards Oystercatcher Pt.

On Potter's Beach

Potters Beach

One more view

The slot at south end of beach

Drift bull kelp

A kelp whipping


Set to run

Outta here

Crysta and Amanda

Class on beach

Amanda and Aimee

Vanessa and Crysta

Profs. Pelaez and Eernisse

Janet and Amanda


Natural shower on beach

Nicole again

Class on beach

Parting view of beach

Next we visited Mill Creek

Mill Creek at low tide

High zone: Chthamalus sp.

Mid zone: Owl limpet territory

Low zone: sponge under rock

Boulder field at dusk

Sunset glow

Sun down

Clear dawn from Whale Pt.

Ridge view


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