Spring Break Fieldtrip to Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve,
University of California, Monterey Co., California

Spring, 2003 (March 28 to April 2) - Part 2 (or go to Part 1 or Part Three)

Sightseeing drive to Big Sur

Julia Pfeiffer State Park

Rocky outcrop

Julia Pfeiffer State Park

Wide angle view

Falls onto beach

Afternoon view from Nepenthe

Phoenix at Nepenthe

Morning view of Big Creek

Western fence lizard male

California poppies

Morning hike below Dolan Ridge

The girls

Crimson columbine

Up to Dolan Ridge


Wow! That was steep!

Time to rest

Everyone made it!

Another group shot

View across to cabins


Back down ridge

Iris scene along trail

Horsetails along creek

Cold dip after hike


Jordan above pool…

…takes the plunge


Palms near Oystercatcher

Poison oak thicket

Oystercatcher Point from "trail"

As close as we got

View towards Big Creek

Site 1 and Big Creek Bridge

Wading to Site 1

More waders

Alternative to wading

Climbing rock face to Site 1

Made it to Site 1

Negotiating Site 1 intertidal

Sea otters offshore

Sea otters again

Owl limpet territories

Matt gets exposed


Katharina tunicata

Site 1 at low tide


Matt with Gamboa Pt. behind

Jordan again

Students vs. ocean

Back up "path"

The climb

Not easy to dodge the waves

Footbridge out

Looking back at Big Creek

Sundown from Whale Pt.

Morning view

Nichole, Gina, and Bernie

Juvenile gopher snake

Class headed to Monterey

Rocky Pt. near Carmel

At Monteray Bay Aquarium


Northern sea nettle

Another northern sea nettle

Blue jelly

Crystal jelly

Upside-down jelly

Close-up of upside down jelly

Matt by Haeckel plates

Siphonophores by Haeckel

Jelly glass model

Sea otter at aquarium

Sea otter again

Behind-the-scenes tour

Kevin shows us shark tank

Curious rehabilitating otter

Otter food (Cancer productus)

Predatory chiton (Placiphorella velata)

Giant gumboot chiton (Cryptochiton stelleri)

Giant gumboot chiton

Geoduck clam

Above aquarium tidepool

Doc Ricketts fans

We stopped at Pt. Pinos

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Images © D.J. Eernisse 2003