Scouting Fieldtrip to Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve,
University of California, Monterey Co., California

Spring, 2003 (January 18-20)

We visited Dolan Creek


We watched the sun set

Highlands Campground

Matt admires camp's madrone

Hoover's manzanita in bloom

Meadow near camp

Descending from Highland Ridge

Why Big Creek is green!

Morning 3 we took a hike

Tall pines by the trail

Down into the canyon

Canogas Falls!

California native oaks

Back down the hill

Oak in the sun

Oaks and sun



Oak understory

Oak canopy

No pathogens at Big Creek

Oaks along road

Yet more oaks

Oaks are beautiful

Ocean view

Open forest

Old man oak

Oak-meadow fringe

Perch for eagles

The fog rolls in

Fog above Devil's Creek

Visit to Sand Dollar Beach

Excellent trip

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Images © D.J. Eernisse 2003