Optional Fieldtrip to Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve,
University of California, Monterey Co., California

Spring, 2002 (March 8-10)

Bridge over Big Creek

Cliffside group

Big Creek Canyon

Down Cardiac Trail

Almost to the beach

Coffee ferns &Dudleya farinosa

Big Creek Mouth

Wading the creek

Around the corner

Through the slot

Down to the Big Pool

Big Creek intertidal (Site 1)


All these limpets look alike!

Laminaria and other kelps

Low zone algae

Mr. Chimp rock

Black oystercatcher pair


Pisaster ochraceus

California mussels

Pollicipes among Mytilus

Pollicipes & Mytilus again

Lottia digitalis (barnacle morph)

Lottia digitalis aggregation

Lottia digitalis (rock morph)

Lottia gigantea

Tectura persona

Discurria insessa on feather boa kelp

Another Pisaster ochraceus

Katharina tunicata and red algae

The lined chiton

Mopalia hindsii

Exposed mussel zone

Anthopleura xanthogrammica

M. hindsii beside anemone

Exposed mussel zone closer

Laminaria setchellii

Nucella ostrina (top view)

Nesting peregrine falcon

Site One observations

N. ostrina (aperture)

Successful field trip!

Hike up Big Creek


Banana slug

Douglas iris

False Solomon's seal

False Solomon seal again

Oak ravines and meadows


Hill climbers

Rock podium

View from Dolan Ridge

Back downhill

Whale Point

View toward Oystercatcher Pt.

Big Creek talking

Posing in the mule

Trees and sunset

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