Fieldtrip to Monterey Bay Aquarium, November 4, 2002

We first stopped at Nepenthe, Big Sur

Phoenix silhouette

View from Nepenthe

Nepenthe (Greek) means potion that erases sorrow

Zoomed in view

Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station is next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Ready to see sea critters!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Aquarium outflow

Sea nettle jellies
(Chrysaora fuscescens)

Another sea nettle

Moon jelly (Aurelia labiata)

Purple-striped jelly (Pelagia colorata)

Upside down jelly (Cassiopeia xamachana)

Spotted jelly (Mastigias papua)

Cubozoa: Box jelly (Tripedalia cystophora)

Ctenophore (Bolinopsis infundibulum)

Ctenophore (B. infundibulum)

Aimee by Haeckel plates

Ernst Haeckel plate

Touch tanks

Cryptochiton stelleri

The giant gumboot chiton

Close-up of foot and gills

Scaled worm shell (Serpulorbis squamigerus)

Serpulorbis feeding

Strawberry anemones (Corynactis californica)

Shrimp (Lysmata californica)

Anthopleura xanthogrammica

Sea cucumber feeding

Placiphorella velata

…a carnivorous chiton…

…traps prey with its girdle hood

Ready to strike

Red sea cumber (unidentified)

Chambered nautilus

The cuttlefish, Sepia

…can quickly change colors…

Distant relatives of Nautilus

Rockfish posing (Sebastes sp.)

Onespot fringehead (Neoclinus uninotatus)(*)

Large male sheephead (Semicassyphuys pulcher)


Quadriradial symmetry (Asterina miniata)

Skate egg cases (big skate, Raja binoculata)

The tide was out at Hopkins when we left for home

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Images by D.J. Eernisse © 2002