Kenneth S. Norris Rancho Marino Univ. of Calif. Ecological Reserve,
Cambria, San Luis Obispo Co., California

Spring, 2003 (March 1-2)

Rancho Marino at low tide

Don giving orientation

A rich biotic and historical site

Ride to the beach


Down to the beach

Tidelands exposed

Look at this crab (Cancer sp.)

Red octopus in hand (by Kathy)

Dina gets octopus bite

Octopus rubescens

Red octopus again

Deidre stranded without booties

Prof. Ee to the rescue

Matt turning rocks

Coast to the south

Class at Rancho Marino

Heading back to camp

native Monterey pines

Jennifer and Heidi

Bumpy ride

Don shows off Carla


Setting up tents

Prof. Ee's room with a view

Pleasant evening

Time to feast

Happy campers

The obligate smores

Headed home - lunch at Cayucos

T.A. Matt

Shelter Cove S. of Shell Beach

Sea arch at Shelter Cove

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Images by D.J. Eernisse © 2003