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Honors 301T

Selected Topics in Natural Science & Math

Fall 2014: History of Life, Prof. Douglas Eernisse



HONR 301T (Honors Seminar in Natural Science and Mathematics): History of Life (TR 2:30-3:45, HUM 124, Schedule # 19771)
Douglas Eernisse, Professor, Department of Biological Science

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Honors 301T is an Honors interdisciplinary seminar that examines a selected topic in natural science and mathematics, and satisfies CSUF G.E. III.A.3 requirements.

Description: This particular HONR 301T offering explores the evolutionary history of life on Earth, introducing scientific approaches to understanding evolutionary patterns and processes. Specific case histories will range from the origin of life to the evolution of complex organisms, especially past and present vertebrate animals.

Prerequisite: You must be in the Honors program at CSUF and have already completed General Education category III.A.1. or III.A.2.

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Revised: Aug. 24, 2014