Marine Biology
Biol. 319 - Prof. Eernisse
California State University, Fullerton

Course Intro

Chapters refer to Marine Life and the Sea (MLATS) by Milne
Part I: The Global Oceans

Chapter 1: Geographic and Geologic Features of the World's Oceans
Chapter 2: Moving Ocean Waters and Their Relationship to Life

Part II: Living in Seawater
Chapter 3: The Responses of Organisms to Sea Temperature, Salinity, and Dissolved Gases
Chapter 4: Uses of Underwater Light and Sound
Chapter 5: Adaptations to the Weight and Density of Water

Part III: The Marine Organisms
Chapter 6: Bacteria, Protists, Plants, and Fungi
Chapter 7: Invertebrate Animals in the Sea
Chapter 8: The Marine Vertebrates I: Fishes, Sharks and Kin
Chapter 9: The Marine Vertebrates II: Birds, Reptiles, and Mammals

Part IV: Marine Ecology
Chapter 10: Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems
Chapter 11: Energy in Ecosystems
Chapter 12: The Movements of Materials through Ecosystems (skipped)
Chapter 13: Communities and Ecology of the Offshore Oceans
Chapter 14: Life in Shallow Water
Chapter 15: Stability and Change in Marine Communities
Chapter 16: Long-term Change in Communities

Part V: Human Impact on the Sea
Chapter 17: Additions of Materials to the Oceans
Chapter 18: Changing the Oceans by Harvesting Marine Organisms
Chapter 19: Changing the Oceans by Changing the Atmosphere

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