Cruise off Long Beach Harbor, Los Angeles Co., California on R/V Yellowfin

Spring, 2003 (February 21)

On board the Yellowfin

Preparing Van Veen Grab

Field notes

Calling all mud fans

Smile Class

Taking a close look

Sifting soft bottom sample

Shoshanna, Brian, and Dennis

Rock (or biological) dredge

Dredge rock with hydroids

Octopus sp.

Heart urchin (Lovenia cordiformis)

A deeper rock dredge

More dredged rocks

Mediaster aequalis

Luidia foliolata

Henrica sp.

small chiton and bryozoans

Small chiton

Small chiton

Small chiton

Chiton and calyptraeid snail

Chiton and Ophiodermella ophioderma

Niveotectura funiculata

Crassispira semiinflata

Bursa californica

Seastar, B. californica, Chaetopterus

Chiton expert, Roger Clark

Nichole, Brian, Matt, Kathy

Dr. Jim McLean

Pulling in otter trawl

Waiting for the critters

Here they come!

Emptying the net

The animals

Roger and hornyhead turbot

Sea cucumber

Fossil (?) Cryptochiton tail valve

Dr. McLean is the snail expert

Roughback sculpin

California skate

Cruisin' back to port

Spring, 2002 (February 22)

On board the Yellowfin

Our class

Leaving San Pedro

Not bad aft either

California sea lions

Sampling mud: Van Veen grab

Sifting soft bottom sample

Rock (biological) dredge

Dredged critters

Variety of snails, etc.

Polychaete sea mouse

Seastars, worms, snails, etc.

Another snail image

Gorgonian (sea fan)

Creeping California cone snail

Consulting the field guide

Rock dredge demo

Danger: Gulls overhead

What's next?

Chillin' with the guys

Smooth ride today

Taking notes

Large hermit crab

Brown pelican

First Mate and Skipper


Releasing octopus

Oriental shrimp

Rock crab

Kellet's whelk

Cloudy bubble snail & eggs

Pisaster brevispinus starburst

Pisaster oral view

Zooplankton tow

Western gulls

Greeting Committee

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