Cruise to Catalina Id., California on R/V Yellowfin

Spring, 2002 (April 19th)

On board the Yellowfin

Preparing the rock dredge

Leaving San Pedro

Ready for adventure

Enjoying the ride

Off to Catalina

Here it comes!

Waiting for rock dredge

The rest of the class

Our able guide

Rock dredge haul

Brittle stars

Cobalt blue sponge

Cup corals

Brittle stars in seawater

Hermit crab

Not too far now

Bird Rock

Arrival at Wrigley

Intertidal near point

Wrigley Marine Institute

Yellowfin has landed

Lunch on the dock

CSUN research divers

Stairway to heaven

Snorkeling orientation

Suiting up

Flippers on

Ready to dive

The plunge

Lepidochitona cryptica

L. cryptica close-up

Back on the Yellowfin

Preparing the otter trawl

Trawling near Bird Rock

Awaiting the haul

Pulling in the trawl

Urchins and sea cucumbers

Fragile urchin

Large sea cucumber

Plainfin midshipman

S.fragilis in hand

Copepod parasites

Pteropurpura sp.

Goodbye Catalina

Back to San Pedro

Greeted by pelicans and gulls

…and sea lions

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