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The Western Society of Malacologists (WSM) was born in 1948, as the Pacific Division of the American Malacological Union (AMU), now American Malacological Society (AMS), and held separate meetings on the west coast, in years when the main body of the AMU met on the east coast. The WSM was established in 1968 as an independent society, but still meets jointly with the AMS ocassionally. The WSM was established as a society for the furtherance of research in Malacology. The membership consists of professionals, amateurs, and students. The WSM holds an annual meeting each year.


WSM By-Laws (PDF format)


Executive Board, 2015-2016

President: Carlos Figueroa Beltrán (Ensenada, BC)

First Vice-President: Jann Vendetti (Los Angeles, CA)

Second Vice-President: Rebecca Johnson (San Francisco)

Secretary:  Wendy M. Enright

Treasurer:  Kelvin L. Barwick

Members-at-Large: Shawn Wiedrick and Alvin Alejandrino

Immediate Past Presidents: Danielle Zacherl, Paul Valentich-Scott, Wendy M. Enright

Past Presidents:

David K. Mulliner (1968) William K. Emerson (1969) A. Myra Keen (1970) Eugene V. Coan (1971) Beatrice L. Burch (1972) Twila Bratcher (1973) James H. McLean (1974) George E. Radwin (1975) James W. Nybakken (1976) Helen DuShane (1977) Peter D'Eliscu (1978) Barry Roth (1979) Vida C. Kenk (1980) Carol C. Skoglund (1981) Donald R. Shasky (1982) David R. Lindberg (1983) George L. Kennedy (1984) William D. Pitt (1985) Terrence M. Gosliner (1986) Carole M. Hertz (1987) Matthew J. James (1988) Hans Bertsch (1989) Roland C. Anderson (1990) Paul H. Scott (1991) David K. Mulliner (1992) Douglas J. Eernisse (1993) Kirstie L. Kaiser (1994) Nora R. Foster (1995) Hugh Bradner (1996) Henry W. Chaney (1997) Sandra V. Millen (1998) Roger R. Seapy (1999) Roger R. Seapy (2000) Hans Bertsch (2001) Christopher L. Kitting (2002) Ángel Valdés (2003) Jorge Cáceres Martínez (2004) Peter D. Roopnarine (2005) Roland C. Anderson (2006) Carlos Cáceres Martínez (2007) Charles L. Powell, II (2008) Michael J. Vendrasco (2009) George L. Kennedy (2010) Esteban F. Félix-Pico (2011) Janet L. Leonard (2012) Wendy M. Enright (2013) Paul Valentich-Scott (2014) Danielle Zacherl (2015)