The Department of Biological Science at CSU Fullerton provides re-circulating seawater aquaria, cold rooms,  incubators, and two boats including an 18 ft hard-bottom Zodiac boat with a 90 hp Honda outboard motor (pictured below) and a 20 ft. Boston Whaler Outrage, as well as several vehicles for towing the boats. In addition, we collaborate with David Lea and PISCO at UCSB, and use their clean room facilities and ICP-MS for analysis of samples.

Text Box: Above Left: One of the smaller Class-100 laminar flow hoods in David Lea's laboratory at UCSB.  Above Right: The plasma torch used to introduce the sample into the mass spectrometer for element analysis, at UCSB.  
Text Box: Above left: The CSUF Boston Whaler.  Above Right: The Department of Biological Science owns several vehicles that can tow our boats.