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The Biology Graduate Student Club was established to provide Biological Science graduate students with:
  • eligibility to receive funding to attend conferences
  • social activities facilitating departmental interaction
  • volunteer activities that enable students to give back to the community
  • educational opportunities that keep members informed of advancements in the field of biology
  • a venue for students to practice conference presentations and receive feedback from peers
Membership allows students to be eligible for funding to attend conferences.

Dues are $10 per semester and provide for club activities, including food and refreshments at club meetings.

Campus Resources
Graduate Studies Office - find information about deadlines, thesis format guidlines, and more
Biological Science Homepage
Student Affairs Information
Campus Calender

Conference Funding
NSM-ICC (request full application from BGSC rep)

Financial Aid
CSUF Office of Financial Aid
Free Application for Federal Student Aid - FAFSA

Grants, Fellowships & Scholarships
CSUF Office of Financial Aid
CSUF University Honors & Scholars Center
CSUF ASI Scholarships
CSUF ASI research grants
CSUF University Awards
CSUF University Scholarships
CSUF College of Natural Science and Mathematics

Local City Information
City of Fullerton
Fullerton at a glance
Fullerton Wireless
Downtown Fullerton (events, restaurants, shops etc)
Fullerton downtown

Orange County Transportation Authority (buses and the like)
Traffic Report

Fullerton Observer
Orange County Register (watch out for pop-up ads)

Movies (watch out for pop-up ads)
Natural History of Orange County, California

Useful websites
Journal Abbreviations
How to be a good grad student
The PhD experience
Patellogastropoda Internet Resource - Chock full of information on limpets

Community Action
Global warming e-mail & templates

Meeting Minutes
September 26th, 2006

BGSC Constitution (2002, revised)
BGSC Constitution (2006, revised)
Student Club Handbook. A PDF file, it requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe Systems, Inc.

Study Plan / Checklists
Graduate Student Checklist
Change in Study Plan request  [note - signed by you and the Graduate Program adviser, (Dr. Schenk, S07)]
Petition for Summer Completion  [note - signed by your adviser and the Graduate Program adviser, (Dr. Schenk, S07)]

Thesis Writing
(note - all these documents can be found at the Graduate Studies website)
Spring 2006 Thesis Manual
Thesis Approval Form  (note - must always be printed on rag paper)
Front pages template  (includes Table of Contents template)
Chapter template
Journal Abbreviations (website)

Website Workshop handout

Travel Award Applications
Fleckles Graduate Travel Award App. (2006-2007)

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