Nikolas Nikolaidis Lab
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Nikolas_picture nikolas nikolaidis
associate professor of biological science
B.Sc., aristotle university of thessaloniki
Ph.D., aristotle university of thessaloniki
Postdoc, pennsylvania state university

welcome to our lab!
we are using a transdisciplinary approach to answer fundamental questions in molecular evolution related to cellular adaptation and response to stress
 Nikolaidis Lab Spring 2015
Nikolaidis Lab, Spring 2015
Back row: esteban / eric / kyle / peter / rogue / nikolas
Front row: anyi / dat / sara / andrei / jackie / ryan / chaiyon / brianna
not present: rebeca


Rebeca_picture Kyle_picture Brianna_picture
rebeca medina
kyle hess (hhmi scholar) Brianna Kdeiss (rcp scholar)
Graduate Student
Undergraduate Researcher Undergraduate Researcher



Dat_picture Anyi_picture Peter_picture
Dat Le
Anyi Magana
Peter Nguyen
Undergraduate Researcher Undergraduate Researcher Graduate Student



Andrei_picture Chaiyon_picture Jackie_picture
Andrei Bilog
Chaiyon Park Jackie Ellis
Graduate Student Undergraduate Researcher Undergraduate Researcher



ryan_picture Rogue_picture Eric_picture
Ryan Oliverio
Rogue Rotkosky
Eric Rodriguez
Graduate Student Graduate Student Undergraduate Researcher



Sara_picture Esteban_picture Your picture here
Sara Ord Esteban Gallegos
Your name here?
Undergraduate Researcher Undergraduate Researcher

lab alumni

graduate students:
chelsea mccallister (2014; currently PhD student at the University of Notre Dame)
manely rashedan (2013; currently at the City of Los Angeles laboratory)
jule yang (2012; currently PhD student at
Cedars Sinai Medical Center)
farzaneh shirazi (2011)

undergraduate students:
matthew siracusa
lauri bui (currently at USC, PharmaD)
jacob clemens (currently at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology)
rea tako (currently at Goettingen University)
dina botros (currently at University of Chicago, PharmaD)
carlyn-ann lee (
rcp program)

reza ghasemian (bscr program)
jeremy nguyen
(rcp program)
nazaneen farahani
(bscr program,now at Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine)
gabrielle donnelly (hhmi scholar; currently at UC San Diego)
simona bor (hhmi scholar; currently at Harvard Medical School)
daria cubberley (hhmi summer scholar, currently at UC Los Angeles)
nikki doran (currently at USC)
christina cheung (troy high school student summer intern, currently at UC Irvine)
ashlee duran (currently at Yahoo)
petros frousiakis (currently at cmhs residency program)
uzra mohamedy (currently at UC San Diego, Pharma D)

mentors and Collaborators

Masatoshi Nei, Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, Pennsylvania State University, PA
Jan Klein, Pennsylvania State University, PA
Daniel Cosgrove, Pennsylvania State University, PA
Zacharias Scouras, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Dimitra Chalkia, Center of Mitochondrial & Epigenetic Medicine, CHOP Research Institute, PA
Saby Das, Emory University, GA
Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis, Fordham University, NY
Al Roca, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
Alex Greenwood, Free University of Berlin, Germany