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APPLICATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED FOR 2018 - Deadline is March 7 2018


Complete the Application form. Be aware that not all laboratories may be available every year. Ensure that we receive the Faculty Recommendations using the url provided here. Select these individuals carefully since they are important in the evaluation process. One recommendation must be from the professor of a science course which you have taken and the second from a present or former research mentor. The letters of recommendation are due by March 7 2018.

Contact the Registrar at your school and request that a copy of your transcript be sent to the MHIRT Program to the above address. The transcript must arrive by March 1. You can send an unofficial transcript, we will proceed with the selection process using this unofficial transcript. Hwever, we need the official transcript to continue with the process if you are selected.

Please, read these instructions carefully before applying. It is your responsibility to see that your application is properly completed by the deadline. Thereafter you should check with this office periodically (ask for Dayna Melton 657-278-2780) to see if your application is complete. Good luck.

CLICK HERE TO FILL THE RECOMMENDATION FORM - url: https://goo.gl/forms/wv9NAPyS24183KPp2

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