Lecture Notes for Honors 301T: Chapter 4

The Evolution of Animals
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Review Questions for Honors 301T: Chapter 4

1. How are sponges like the single-celled protists known as choanoflagellates and, if they are so are similar to choanoflagellates, why are they considered members of the clade, Metazoa?

2. Compare and contrast a sponge, cnidarian, and a worm, such as a flatworm.

3. What are Hox genes? How are they used by animals?

4. Recent evidence has suggested a Precambrian interval of glaciation colder than anything since. It is thought to have occurred from about 750 to 600 MYA and has been dubbed "Snowball Earth" or "Slushball Earth." Explain competing hypotheses for how these conditions could be related to the evolution of animals either during this interval or after conditions warmed back up.

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