Pinguicula agnata (CSUF)

photo of plant

photo of flower

This was one of the first species obtained. It was collected by late The Plant Shop's owners, Bob Cook and Bill Cole in Mexico sometime in the early to mid 1970's. Unfortunately, more specific data is not available and all "agnatas" collected and cultivated to date have not matched this plant. When we got it, it was labeled as P. hirtiflora and and was distributed by us under that name for many years. Casper's work was not available to us at the time, so the validity of the name never was questioned. Fuzzy pictures of P. hirtiflora in early CP books resembled our plant and as well as pictures of P. agnata. It wasn't until we knew that the former came from Italy, and the latter was from Mexico that our error became obvious. One characteristic of the plant is the notable sweet honey-like fragrance of the flowers. No other species in our collection has this strong a fragrance. Other "agnatas" have a very slight to no fragrance. In all crosses done at CSUF, this is the only "agnata" we have used. It is the seed parent of P. X 'Titan.' We are hoping to get a positive ID on this plant soon. For those of you who are viewing this page, if you have any information, please contact me at the addresses given on the greenhouse home page.

Propagation is by leaf cuttings which produce several plants. As can be seen in the plant habit picture, the edges and sometimes the entire leaf blade can get a reddish purple coloring. Also, some sticky glands are found on the underside of the summer leaves similar to P. gigantea which was formerly known as P. ayautla. (link to their page-under construction)

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26 August 1999

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