Fieldtrips to Cabrillo Aquarium, San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., CA

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Spring, 2003 (April 11)

Small sheephead male


Bluebanded goby


Featherduster (sabellid)

?Stripefin ronquil

Two-spotted octopus

Piddock clam (boring pholad clam)

Barred surfperch



Tube anemone

Flatfish eyes

Flatfish eyes

Spring, 1999 (April)

Anemone in splash tank

Bat star oral region

Brittle stars

Chestnut cowry

Kelletia kelletii

Kelp crab

Kelp forest animals

Unidentified fish 1

Unidentified fish 2



Moon jellies

Square foot of mussel bed

Some of animals from bed

Skate juvenile

Spanish shawl nudibranch

Spanish shawl nudibranch

Spanish shawl egg masses

Spring, 1998 (April)

Unidentified fish

Bluebanded goby and Corynactis

Sebastes sp.

Stomatopod (Hemisquilla ensigera)

Kellet's whelk feeding

Haliotis fulgens


Two-spotted octopus

Sabellid tubeworm (Eudistylia polymorpha)

Spanish shawl nudibranch (Flabellinopsis iodinea)

Leaving aquarium

Visit to Pt. Fermin

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