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Web Resources Introduction
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Useful Resources for Evolutionary Biologists

Search Medline
Evolution Update Website
Lots of Links to Biology-related Sites or Evolution
Time line of Evolutionists
An Introduction to Evolution
A Kid's Tour Through Time
Robert Hole's Web Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything
Bionet Molecular Evolution Newsgroup
Biology Courses and Resources
Talk Origins Topics in Evolutionary Biology
Keyword-Indexed Evolution Bibliography
University of Chicago Links to Evolutionary Biology
Systematics Newsgroup
Phylogenetic Analysis and Outgroups
Prof. Eernisse's Biology 402 Molecular Systematics Links
Prof. Eernisse's Biology 403 Systematics Links
Website for Phylogenetic Program, PAUP*
Download PC Versions of Phylogenetics Programs, NONA, TNT, and WINCLADA
Willi Hennig Society Homepage
Donald Forsdyke's Commentaries on the History of Selected Evolutionary Concepts
Excerpts from the Writing and Interviews of Stephen Jay Gould
The World of Richard Dawkins Website
Galapagos - Charles Darwin Research Station
Dictionary of Darwinisms
National Center for Science Education including Resources and Links
Adaptationist Stories Web Site
How Humans Evolved - Virtual Textbook
Talk.origins Archive Home Page
Index of Biology Departments
Newsgroups for Biology
Environmental News Network

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Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Mendelian Genetics
Population Genetics Links
EDU2 Links to Genetics-related Sites

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Resources of Special Interest to Zoologists

Phylogeny of Metazoa
Introduction to the Metazoan Phyla
Univ. Michigan's Animal Diversity Web
Search the Animal Diversity Web
The Tree of Life - Univ. of Arizona
The Tree of Life - Jump to Common Clades
EDU2 Links to Systematics Sites
Rudolph Leuckart Zoology Charts MBL
Haeckel and the Vertebrate Archetype
Biosys Zoological Resources
University of Wisconsin ZooTest Online Self Testing
NetVet - Invertebrate Home Page
NetVet Veterinary Resources Home Page
NetVet/Electronic Zoo Animal Information & Archives Home Page
GenBank Taxonomy Browser Search
Taxonomy Browser Hierarchy for Eumetazoa
Taxonomic Hierarchy Used in Zoological Record
Index to Organism Names
Cladogram Figures for Animal Groups
Indented Unranked Classification of Animals with Many Images
Nomenclatural Glossary for Zoology
Craig Hood's Lecture Notes for Zoology
Oklahoma St. Univ. Invertebrate Zoology Lecture Notes
Matt Person's Invertebrate Zoology Lecture Notes
Sea Urchin Fertilization Animations
Dynamic Development Website
Drosophila Developmental Biology Cinema or Other Movies Collected by Thomas Kaufman
Drosophila Developmental Stages
Virtual Embryology
Metazoan Diversity Homepage
Live Animal Cams at the U.S. National Zoo
Professor Eernisse's Biology 319 Links to Marine Biology by Topic
- Including General Marine Biology, Marine Mammals, Marine Aquaria, and Marine Labs

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PaleoNet Website
Palaeontological Association
Niel's Timelines and Scales of Measurement List
Open Directory Project Paleo Links
PaleoPages Paleontology Links (New 6/00)
Introduction to Paleontology
More Lots of Links to Fossil Collections (Last Updated 1997?)
Pam Gore's Lecture Notes on Precambrian/Cambrian Transition
Burgess Shale Animal Fossils
Another Web Page Devoted to Burgess Shale Animal Fossils
Burgess Shale Fossil Sampler
Yoho Burgess Shale Foundation Website
Royal Tyrrell Museum's Virtual Burgess Shale Exhibit
Photographs of Burgess Shale Fossils
Information about Yoho National Park in Alberta, Canada
"Rock Star" Profile on Charles Walcott, Discoverer of Burgess Shale
Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum Burgess Shale Site
Reconstruction of Burgess Shale Environment
Burgess Shale Web Site with Animated Anomalocaris
More Burgess Shale Fauna Images
More Links to Burgess Shale (Cambrian) Fossil Animals
Discover Magazine's Searching for the First Animal
Field Images of the Chengjiang Deposits of China
The Oldest Known Fossil Chordate (535 My)
Mass Extinction at the End of Cambrian Period
Time magazine article "When Life Exploded"
Reviews of Stephen Jay Gould's Book, Wonderful Life, by Richard Dawkins, Robert Wright, Danny Yee, and Kurt Wise
More Wonderful Life Reviews
or Read Simon Conway Morris' First Chapter of His Response to Gould,
The Crucible of Creation : The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals, or
Read Reviews of Derek Briggs et al. The Fossils of the Burgess Shale, all at [Amazon.com]

More Reviews of Conway Morris' Book Crucible of Creation..., by Carolyn Dane and Peter Bowler
Animation of Continental Drift during Paleozoic Era from 540 to 225 Mya
The Semi-Compleat Trilobite
Swiss Fossil Animals
talk.origins Fossil Hominid Images
Morrison Research (Jurassic, Rocky Mtns.)
A Gallery of Fossils
Chicago Field Museum - Dinosaurs or Sue
Royal Tyrrell Museum - Dinosaurs
Hunterian Museum - Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Cladogram
Dinosauria On-Line
More Links to Dinosaurs
The Ice Ages

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California Natural History Museums

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

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Nano Theater
The Nanoworld Home Page
Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Environmental SEM
Virtual Microscopy
Microscopy-UK Website
Micscape: Exploring the Minature World
Java-Powered Intel Play QX3 Computer Microscope
Exploring the QX3 Computer Microscope in Europe
Cells Alive Website
MicroscopyMart (Ted Pella, Inc.)

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Earthquakes and Volcanos

U.S. National Earthquake Information Center
VolcanoWorld Slide Sets
VolcanoWorld Home Page
Links for Earth Scientists at Geological Society of America or
U.S. Geological Survey

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Earth Maps and Images

Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
NASA's Earth Science Enterprise, Earth Observatory, or Image Wall, or Continental Drift
NASA Online Educational Resources for Earth Sciences
NASA Image Index
National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) Earth Page
NSSDC Photo Gallery of Earth
USGS Earth Shots of Environmental Change
USGS Educational Resources
Remote Sensing and Global Change Links
Explore the Universe with NASA's Astro-2
The Satellite Active Archive Home Page
SeaWiFS Project
Ocean Atlas of Hawaii
Live Access to Climate Data
Hydrographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean
10-Day Precipitation Outlook for the Continental U.S.
Tide Predictions
Prof. Eernisse's Biology 319 Weather and Tide Links

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Jump to Links for Evolution, Genetics, Zoology, Paleontology, California Natural History Museums, Microscopes, Earthquakes and Volcanos, Earth Maps and Images,

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