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Biology 261 Home Page - Fall 2001

green bulletFall 2001 Lecture and Lab Schedules

green bulletFall 2001 Reviews for Lecture Exam 2 and Final Lecture Exam 3

green bulletWeb Links by Animal Group (outdated!)
green bulletWeb Links for Zoology by Topic (outdated!)
green bulletCladogram Basics Assignment
green bulletLearn About Hierarchies
green bulletBrowse GenBank's Taxonomy
green bulletReviews from Previous Semesters
green bulletBiology 261 Web Resources (From Previous Semester)
green bulletExtensive Web Guide to History of Life (Biology 404)
green bulletVisit Other Web Sites by Professor Eernisse
green bulletImages of Spring, '96 fieldtrips!
green bulletImages of our Fall '97 Intertidal Fieldtrips!
green bulletImages of our Fall '97 Zzyzx Fieldtrip!

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