Southern California Ecosystems Research Program (SCERP)

Scholar Resources

SCERP provides research opportunities, funding for travel, and career planning for undergraduates interested in ecology and environmental biology. Applications for our next cohort of scholars will be due April 9, 2015. Link to our application page to download an application.
Picture of SCERP scholars at Newport Bay

SCERP scholars:
  • Receive up to $15,000 stipend for two years.
  • Take intensive summer field course exploring issues in three southern California ecosystems.
  • Develop and complete independent research in conjunction with faculty mentor.
  • Current scholars work on marine ecological issues, desert ecology, animal behavior, plant-animal interactions in coastal sage scrub, and plant adaptations to arid environments.
  • Travel to scientific meetings to present results of independent research.
  • Plan future career path.

Is SCERP right for you?

If you like to work outdoors, enjoy working with animals or plants, getting your hands dirty, meeting new friends interested in ecology and environmental biology, networking with other students, getting to know faculty, and seeing new areas in southern California, then SCERP could be for you!

Muddy SCERP scholars after sampling clams in Newport Bay, CA. Summer 2012 Biology 301 course, Problems in Environmental Biology. Left to right: Andres Cisneros, Iggy Vera, Nick Tran, Nicole Tonske, Vy Nguyen, Cristy Rice, and Eric Kessler..

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