Dionaea X 'Jaws'

A New Cultivar of CP
Produced at the CSUF
Biological Sciences Greenhouse


Habit of plant



Close up of open and partially closed traps with shark

jaws aspect

Dionaea X 'Jaws'

Dionaea X 'Jaws' is named for the "shark" like aspect of the partially closed traps. A mutant wild Dionaea (Venus' Fly Trap) with dentate(CSUF Clone "dentata") rather than ciliate margins was used to pollinate a "normal" margined plant that had extra large traps(CSUF Clone Misc 2-1) with moderate red coloration on the interior portions of the lobes. The margins of the trap are dentate like the pollen parent, but larger, reflecting the characteristics of the seed parent. This hybrid was created at California State University, Fullerton's Biological Sciences Greenhouse Complex by Leo C. Song, Jr. on 03 June 1993. The plant is vigorous and has consistantly large traps and good coloration. Even though the traps do not have normal cilia, they do trap insects. At Cal State, the plant is growing outdoors under 50% lath where it grows and flowers normally. Other siblings are being evaluated.
It is planned that Dionaea X 'Jaws' will be placed into tissue culture for wider dissemination.
An official registration of this cultivar will be published in the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN), the official organ of the International Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc. (ICPS), which is the official registration authority of carnivorous plant cultivars.

Revised 14 July 1999
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