Douglas J. Eernisse

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Department of Biological Science
California State University
Fullerton, CA 92834-6850 USA
Voice: (657) 278-3749
FAX: (657) 278-3426
Email: deernisse @


1984, Ph.D. Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

1977, B.A. Zoology, University of Washington


Calif. State Univ. Fullerton, Principles of Evolution, Evolution, Genes and Genomes, Evolutionary Pathways, Marine Phylogeography, Computer Lab in Molecular Systematics, Field Marine Biology, Marine Biology for Nonmajors, Honors Seminar on History of Life, for Non-Science Majors, Teaching Evolution: Online Course for Teachers, Phylogeography of Baja California, Principles of Zoology, Biosystematics, Biology for Nonmajors, 1994-present; Univ. of Michigan, Biology of Invertebrates, Biology for Nonscientists, Majors Biology, 1986-1994; Univ. of Michigan Graduate courses led: Topics in Metazoan Phylogeny, Topics in Molluscan Systematics; Woods Hole Marine Biological Lab., Instructor, Molecular Evolution Workshop, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997; Univ. of Californa, Santa Cruz, Visiting Lecturer, Intertidal Biology, Spring, 1984, and TA, 1978-1983, Friday Harbor Laboratories, Univ. of Washington, Teaching Assistant, Marine Invertebrate Embryology, 1981


Professor, California State University, 2005-present
Associate Professor, California State University, 1998-2005
Assistant Professor, California State University, 1994-1998
Visiting Scientist, Lab of Molec. System., Smithsonian Inst., Washington, D.C., 1994
Assist. Prof. and Assist. Curator, Dept. Biol. and Mus. Zool., Univ. Michigan, 1986-1993
NSF Postdoctoral Associate, University of Washington, Friday Harbor Labs, 1985-1986
Friday Harbor Labs Postdoctoral Associate, University of Washington, 1984
Visiting Lecturer, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1984

Professional Service

Member of Council, Society of Systematic Biologists, 1998-2002
Editorial Board, Zoomorphology, 2004-present
Editorial Board, Evolution: Education and Outreach, 2007-2012
Editorial Board, Festivus, 1993-2017
Editorial Board, Diversity, 2020-present
Editor, Western Society of Malacologists Annual Report, 2000-2005
Associate Editor, Malacological Review, 1986-1993 (Vols. 19-26)
Associate Editor, Prosobranch Phylogeny, Malacological Review, Suppl. 4, 1988
Fellow, Willi Hennig Society, 1992-present
Advisory Panel, National Science Foundation, 1994-1996
Bioinformatics Advisory Board Member, CSU Fullerton, 2001-present
NCBI GenBank Taxwork consultant, 1994-1995
Research Associate in Malacology, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

President, American Malacological Society, 2009-2010
Chair, Nominating Committee, American Malacological Society, 2010-present

Recent Awards and Honors

Eernisse, D. J. (PI), Oakley, T. H. (Co-PI), and Speiser, D. I. (Co-PI). Collaborative Research: RUI: Timing and Molecular Origins of Recently Evolved Chiton Shell-Eyes: Phylogenomics of Chitonina. National Science Foundation grant, 2014-2017 (DEB - 1355230).
Sabbatical Scholar Fellowship, NESCent, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina (2006-2007)
Honored in naming of Loricella eernissei Sirenko, 2008 (Recent, New Caledonia) and Craspedochiton eernissei Dell'Angelo et al. 2011 (Eocene, western Washington)

Selected Publications
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Goto, R., T. Takano, D. J. Eernisse, M. Kato, and Y. Kano. 2021. Snails riding mantis shrimps: Ectoparasites evolved from ancestors living as commensals on the host's burrow wall. Mol. Phyl. Evol., 163 (2021) 107122.

Salvia, D., H. Bertsch, J. Cáceres-Martínez, R. Cruz-Flores, M. A. Del Rio-Portilla, D. J. Eernisse, J. M. Healy, F. Lafarga-De La Cruz, E. Londoño-Cruz, and P. Mariottini. 2021. Letter to Editor: Taxonomic discussion on scientific names for Pacific oysters requires evidence-based arguments and pluralism. Aquaculture, (2022) 737298.

Scuderi, D., T. Nakano, and D. J. Eernisse. 2021. A limpet (Lottiidae), introduced to Sicily, is traced to its homeland in Sri Lanka and described as a new species. Malacologia, 64(1): 79-92.

Eernisse, D. J. and D. R. Lindberg. 2020. In memorium: John S. Pearse. Invert. Biol. 139:e12309.

Lindberg, D. R., T. M. Gosliner, and D. J. Eernisse. 2020. John Stuart Pearse (1936-2020). Amer. Malacol. Soc. Newsletter Fall 2020: 18-21.

Calatayud, S., M. Garcia-Risco, V. Pedrini-Martha, D. J. Eernisse, R. Dallinger, O. Palacios, M. Capdevila and R. Albalat. 2021. Modularity in protein evolution: modular organization and de novo domain evolution in mollusk metallothioneins. Molecular Biology and Evolution, published online (2020).

Navarrete, A. H., J. Sellanes, M.C. Pardo-Gandarillas, B. Sirenko, D. J. Eernisse, P. A. Camus, F. P. Ojeda, and C.M. Ibáñez. 2020. Latitudinal distribution of polyplacophorans along the South-eastern Pacific coast: unravelling biases in geographical diversity patterns. Mar. Biodivers. 50, 45 (2020). DOI: 10.1007/s12526-020-01060-0 or viewable full text.

Irisarri, I., J. E. Uribe, D. J. Eernisse, and R. Zardoya. 2020. A mitogenomic phylogeny of chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora). BMC Evolutionary Biology,20, 22 (2020). DOI: 10.1186/s12862-019-1573-2.

Connors, M., T. Yang, A. Hosny, Z. Deng, F. Yazdandoost, H. Massadi, D.J. Eernisse, R. Mirzaeifar, M. N. Dean, J.C. Weaver, C. Ortiz, and L. Li. 2019. Biologically-inspired lessons from chiton scales for the design of flexible armors. Nature Communications 10(1), 5413. DOI:10.1038/s41467-019-13215-0

Garcia, E., C. A. Rice, D. J. Eernisse, K. L. Forsgren, J. P. Quimbayo, and G. W. Rouse. 2019. Systematic relationships of sympatric pipefishes (Syngnathus spp.): A mismatch between morphological and molecular variation. Journal of Fish Biology 95: 999-1012. DOI: 10.1111/jfb.14073

Ibáñez, C., D. J. Eernisse, M. A. Méndez, M. Valladares, J. Sellanes, B. Sirenko, and M. C. Pardo-Gandarillas. 2019. Phylogeny, divergence times, and species delimitation of Tonicia (Polyplacophora: Chitonidae) from the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 186: 915-933. DOI: 10.1093/zoolinnean/zlz006

Eernisse, D. J., A. Draeger and E. M. Pilgrim. 2018. Chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) rafted on tsunami debris from Japan to the shores of Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. Aquatic Invasions 13: 71-86. (pdf - Download Acrobat Reader)

Scuderi, D. and D. J. Eernisse. 2016. A new alien limpet for the Mediterranean: Lottia sp.(Patellogastropoda: Lottiidae). Biodiversity Journal 7: 287-293. (pdf - Download Acrobat Reader)

McClain, C. R., J. P. Barry, D. Eernisse, T. Horton, J. Judge, K. Kakui, C. Mah, and A. Warén. 2016. Multiple processes generate productivity-diversity relationships in experimental wood-fall communities. Ecology 97: 885-898.

Peterson, K. J. and D. J. Eernisse. 2016. The phylogeny, evolutionary developmental biology, and paleobiology of the Deuterostomia: 25 years of new techniques, new discoveries and new ideas. Organisms Diversity and Evolution 16: 401-418. (pdf - Download Acrobat Reader)

Raith, M., D. C. Zacherl, E. M. Pilgrim, and D. J. Eernisse. 2016. Phylogeny and species diversity of Gulf of California oysters (Ostreidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA. American Malacological Bulletin, 33: 263-283. (pdf - Download Acrobat Reader)

Irisarri, I., D. J. Eernisse, and R. Zardoya. 2014. Molecular phylogeny of Acanthochitonina (Mollusca: Polyplacophora: Chitonida): three new mitochondrial genomes, rearranged gene orders and systematics. Journal of Natural History, 48: 2825-2853.

Smith, J. R., S. C. Vogt, F. Creedon, B. Lucas, and D. J. Eernisse. 2014. The non-native turf-forming alga Caulacanthus ustulatus displaces space-occupants but increases diversity. Biological Invasions 16: 2195-2208. (pdf - Download Acrobat Reader)

Gilbertson, L. H., D. J. Eernisse, and J. K. Wallace. 2013. A new dartless species of Cahuillus (Pulmonata: Helminthoglyptidae) from the Mojave Desert, California with a reassignment of Eremarionta rowelli unifasciata. American Malacological Bulletin 31: 57-64. (pdf - Download Acrobat Reader)

Vendrasco, M. J., D. J. Eernisse, C. L. Powell, II, and C. Z. Fernandez. 2012. Polyplacophora (Mollusca) from the San Diego Formation: A remarkable assemblage of fossil chitons from the Pliocene of southern California. Contributions in Science, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 520: 15-72 - or here - (Download Acrobat Reader)

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Eernisse, D.J., M. F. Strathmann, and R. R. Strathmann. 2010. Henricia pumila sp. nov.: A brooding seastar (Asteroidea) from the coastal northeastern Pacific. Zootaxa, 2329: 22-36 (open access).

S&E_CoverStebbins, T. D. and D. J. Eernisse. 2009. Chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) known from benthic monitoring programs in the Southern California Bight. Festivus (Special Issue) 41(6): 53-100 (pdf 2 mb or high resol. pdf 24 mb) - (Download Acrobat Reader)

Puchalski, S. S., C. C. Johnson, E. G. Kauffman, and D. J. Eernisse. 2009. A new genus and two new species of multiplacophorans (Mollusca, Polyplacophora, Neoloricata), Mississippian (Chesterian), Indiana. Journal of Paleontology 83: 423-431. (high resol. pdf 10 mb) - (Download Acrobat Reader)

Polson, M. P., W. E. Hewson, D. J. Eernisse, P. K. Baker, and D. C. Zacherl. 2009. You say conchaphila, I say lurida: Molecular evidence for restricting the Olympia oyster to temperate western North America. Journal of Shellfish Research 28: 1-11. (pdf - Download Acrobat Reader)

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