Worldwide Chitons (WWC) is a new website for promoting the study of chitons worldwide. It was first prepared to coincide with a presentation I gave at the 4th International Workshop on Malacology, June, 2001, in Menfi, Sicily. Vanna Rotolo, who headed the Workshop's Organizational Committee, has produced a very complete website presenting the abstracts from the meeting and splendid images recounting this productive and fun meeting.

    This website presents links to chiton images and an introduction to my chiton software package, presented in Menfi. I have been studying chitons for over two decades and have developed Chiton Stacks software to keep track of worldwide species and their distributions. The latest feature added to this software is a new kind of report; a single Web page with links to all the images to particular chiton species I have managed to find on the Web. Because this is a new feature, and because the Web changes constantly, I would very much appreciate your help in improving these links. Please email comments and suggestions to deernisse@fullerton.edu. Thanks!  Doug Eernisse


    To explore my Chiton Stacks software further (it is still unreleased, sorry!), click on the links or images below. Beyond these pages, you can see this older abstract, or download Chiton Demo stack, which requires a Macintosh and HyperCard Player software to run (see this page for HC Player download links).


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