Alkaline phosphatase stained mouse stem cell colonies


To prepare ten undergraduate Stem Cell Scholars through hands-on research experience and a selected set of courses.


Students must have completed BIOL 302 and either BIOL 303 or BIOL 309. Successful candidates are likely to have a good GPA, be highly recommended by their instructors, and have demonstrable interest in stem cell biology. Prior research experience is not required to be accepted into this program.


The Bridges to Stem Cell Research (BSCR) Scholars must enroll in a special, 3-unit laboratory course (BIOL 329), and must volunteer full-time in one of the five selected laboratories during the summer 2014 semester. All BSCR Scholars are required to enroll in the following courses for the fall 2014 semester: PHIL 316, BIOL 427, BIOL 429, BIOL 480C and BIOL 499L (14 units). The summer research projects are continued in fall semester under BIOL 499L. All BSCR Scholars are required to be at their internship sites full-time from Jan 5th, 2015, to July 31st, 2015. The Program will provide stipends at the rate of $2,500/month during the seven-month internship. You can find more information about the Program, and our funding agency, CIRM, through these links.


Application for 2014-15 cohort is now available for download. Deadline for all materials is April 16th, 2014. Please contact two instructors who will write recommendation letters in your support as soon as possible so that they can e-mail the letters by April 16th, 2014.