Review Questions for Biology 404

HOL Ch. 17: Why Flowers are Beautiful

Review Questions

1. Compare and contrast wind pollination with pollination by animal visitors. When did each arise, what is the fossil record corresponding to each type, and what ecological settings are favorable or unfavorable to each type?

2. Compare and contrast pollination with seed dispersal. How do the interests of animal visitors differ with respect to these two aspects of plant reproduction? How do different animal visitors differ in their effectiveness as seed dispersers?

3. What was the extent of ecological by angiosperms during the Cretateous? What was their role after the K-T extinction event? How has it changed during the Cenozoic Era? What are some possible explanations for their increasing successes.

4. What does the diversification of social insects (Hymenoptera) have to do with flowering plants? Why might this have favored flowering plants over other plants that were dominant at the time?

5. Why do terrestrial plants produce lots of exotic chemicals?

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