Biology 317 - Web Assignment 1 (10 points possible)

1. Click on the links for "Examples of annotated pages" to get an idea of how I have annotated field trip images of marine species with an informative caption. Note that some of the examples have one or more links to other web pages with a more detailed treatment (e.g., chestnut cowrie; note: I apologize for any dead links you might find now or later; I am slowly trying to update or even get away from such external links).

2. Click on any one of the numbered links under "Pages in need of annotations" and note the provided Latin and common names. Search for these using or another web search engine. Also try this site: Explore the resulting related links and decide which ones are most informative or have the best images. Use different combinations of parts or all of the Latin and common names to find more "hits." For this assignment, I will also be happy if instead of the listed links below you instead choose to annotate one of the organism images still in need of annotation from one of our class field trips, posted here: If you choose to do this you will have to research the proper scientific name on your own, and please provide me with the URL for the image.

3. Write A SINGLE caption about 1-3 sentences long for your assigned organism, citing the URL addresses for information you have provided.

4. List at least 5 of the best URL addresses you find (which might also be cited in the completion of step 3 above).

5. Email this to me, either in the body of your email or as a Microsoft Word (or text) document attached to your email. Send it to my email address listed on the syllabus by no later than the start of lecture, March 7, 2018. Assignments turned in late will still be eligible for partial credit (see syllabus).

6. Explore web pages from previous field trips ( to get an idea of the resources are available on these web pages. Follow the instructions below except that you are encouraged to use any of the images I have posted for our first three field trips. If you do, please refer to the image by the URL where you found it (e.g., You can use one of the images where I have already added the organism name. It is my ambition to better annotate the pages from our field trips as well as previous field trips.

Examples of annotated pages:
California cone snail
Chestnut cowrie
veiled chiton
Loki's lined chiton
northern dog whelk (snail)
by-the-wind sailors
solitary anemone


Pages in need of annotations:

wavy turban (also goes by various other genus names besides Megastraea)

red (?) gorgonian

sand castle tubeworm

Nuttall's chiton or rough chiton

owl limpet

California mussel

slender rockweed

mossy chiton

Keep's chiton

Lepidozona pectinulata (chiton with no common name)

bay ghost shrimp

festive murex

conspicuous chiton

Caspian tern

black-necked stilt

California sheephead

California spiny lobster

spiny brittle star

scaled worm shell

Hopkins' rose

sea mouse

black oystercatcher