Abalone Cove Directions from CSUF:
1 Take I-57 S
2 Take I-91 W nearly as far as it goes
3 Take I-110 S toward San Pedro until it ends
4 Stay to L as it comes to an end (Gaffey St. exit)
5 Turn L onto Gaffey St at stoplight
6 Stay on Gaffey through business district and continue as it becomes more residential
7 Turn R at W. 25th St.
8 Stay on W. 25th St. as you come up hill to shopping complex intersection, do NOT turn L onto S. Western!
9 W. 25th eventually turns into Palos Verdes Dr. S.
10 Go past Portuguese Bend, past Wayfarer's Chapel on R
11 Just past "Abalone Cove" sign on L, make u-turn, enter Abalone Cove parking lot ($5 to park)
12 Gate attendant leaves at 4 p.m.; you can exit over 1-way spikes after this but best not to leave valuables in car.
13A (Portuguese Pt.) Walk on the path from the parking lot and this will eventually lead you to far point (Portuguese Pt.) to the SE
13B (Smuggler's Cove) Walk from the parking lot back to the street. Walk (carefully) on the shoulder of the road, headed back toward San Pedro, until you get to the top of the hill. Look for a sign on the right by a closed gate that has a pedestrian entrance and a sign advising you that you are entering a marine protected area. Follow the path to until you come down to the head of a bluff over Portuguese Pt. Continue to the far side and look for a dirt trail down to Smuggler's Cove.

Free Parking Option:

a) At step 11 above, continue past Abalone Cove for one more intersection before making a U-turn.

b) Park only along the street near the fire station. Street parking is allowed only along here (and spaces are limited).

c) Walk down to the Abalone Cove parking lot (allow 10 extra minutes please).