Mapping the Deep (MTD) Ch. 2&3 Review Questions


1. “If ONLY there were no water!” Some of you may have seen the recent National Geographic special “Drain the Ocean” on TV:

Briefly describe the most striking underwater topographical features one would find running down the center of the Atlantic Ocean.


2. What method did the crew of the H.M.S. Challenger use to “map the deep”?


3. What did the ocean liner, Titanic, have to do with “mapping the deep”?


4. Heezen and Tharp, Hess, Morgan: Briefly describe the order that important elements of modern plate tectonics theory were contributed by these scientists, each building on the earlier contributions. Download Chs. 4&5 from TITANium to see (on p. 75) Heezen & Tharp’s 1975 depiction of the Atlantic sea floor.