Introduction to Biology 317

Brief Outline (or skip ahead to Oceans of Planet Earth)

 I. Introduction to Course
        Course Goals
            Learn about ocean and organisms that live there
            Dynamic history of Earth and its life
            Science as a process (there are many "scientific methods")
            Sharpen scientific skills
                    pose questions, frame hypotheses, devise tests
        MLATS Text (Required - We will read it cover to cover!)

        Course website:

        Grades, Quizzes, Exams, Activities
            Be prepared for a brief quiz at the start of every lecture

                Quiz will briefly test your comprehension of reading
                5 pts. per quiz, about 1 quiz per week
                Questions should be "easy" if you study as directed
                1 pt. for just turning in your name on the paper

                Will post review questions, lecture notes, on web

                Some exam questions will come from lectures only

            See schedule for details of lectures/exams and weekly fieldtrips

            See syllabus for details of grading
            I will post grades periodically to website by last 4 digits of your ID

II. Studying effectively
        Complete assigned reading BEFORE corresponding lecture
        Study together but written work you turn in should be original
        Also be able to answer the review questions posted on web
        I plan to provide some selected web links embedded in reviews
        Please understand that adding web pages for every lecture is
            probably not feasible
        I will do my best to keep up but some lectures might have few
            or no posted notes on the web, in which case you are still
            responsible for extracting the major concepts/terms/organisms
            for the assigned reading
        I may alternatively assign selected review questions as
            provided at the end of each chapter

        Clicking on web links is "optional" but they will help illustrate
            points made in lecture and by the author of MLATS
            The web is very visual, links will help you visualize
            Certain plants or animals will be a Featured Organism
            Certain places of special interest are a Featured Locality
       These are especially apt to appear on exams because
                I feel I have emphasized them in particular
            If you find yourself waiting for lengthy periods on a
                slow home connection to the web, consider using
                one of the many on-campus computer labs instead
        Materials will be posted to the web as we go (please be patient)
        Ask questions in class, during office hours, or by email
        Read "An Overview of This Text" on p. xxi of MLATS
        Each chapter starts with an interesting Case History (read it)
        Review questions will be interjected in notes (RQ)
        Pay special attention to any figure or table in the text!
                I often look at these first when writing exams and
                    I will try to emphasize them on figures I display
                    on the overhead projector so that you will have
                    access to them in your studying

Go to "Oceans of Planet Earth" (Chapter 1 in MLATS)