Problems with chordate cladograms in text (for your reference only):

Fig. 25-3: brackets with paraphyletic groups should be ignored: Protochordata, Agnatha, Osteichthyes (not equivalent to Osteichthyes in this hand-out, which includes terrestrial tetrapods), Reptilia (not equivalent to Reptilia = Sauropsida in this hand-out, which includes birds). Also, turtles are shown as sister taxon of other reptiles + mammals, not as sister taxon of only other reptiles as in Fig. 28-2.

Fig. 26-3: likewise, ignore paraphyletic Agnatha, and note that Osteichthyes in 11th ed. only does not include tetrapods as it does here. Also, Craniata is not equivalent to Vertebrata as claimed; vertebrates are the clade of all craniates except hagfish (i.e., are sister taxon of hagfish).

Fig. 27-2: this is OK.

Fig. 28-2: this is OK. Note that Sauropsida = Reptilia here.

Fig. 29-2: this is great except that birds should also be included among Therapoda (the therapod dinosaurs), not as sister taxon to them.

Fig. 30-3: OK except Theria should only include marsupials and placentals, not monotremes as well as depicted. Note that humans are members of all the following: Synapsida, Therapsida, Cynodonta, Mammalia, Theria, Eutheria.