Picture of Dr. Walker

Sean E. Walker, Ph.D. Miami University

Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Biological Science

Email: swalker@fullerton.edu

Personal Web Site: http://biology.fullerton.edu/swalker

Research Interests:

My primary research interests are in the cognitive, behavioral, and evolutionary ecology of terrestrial invertebrates (mainly Arachnids and Orthopterans). In particular, I am interested in animal decision making as it relates to foraging and reproduction (e.g., mate choice & reproductive investment) and have a keen interest in any project realted to animal communication, the evolution of sex differences, and the evolution of alternative tactics and strategies. I have also worked on projects related to the estimation and comparison of terrestrial invertebrate biodiversity and pollination biology.

Since I have come to Fullerton, I have also started to ask questions about how students learn about organismal biology? Basically asking the question, 'how do you know that is a invertebrate?' Like my other research, I am interested in examining what kinds of decision making processes are involved and how we can utilize models of decision making strategies to improve our teaching methods. I am also interested in student misconceptions associated with statistics and quantitative biology.

Select Publications

Walker, S. E. & W. H. Cade. 2003. A simulation model of the effects of frequency dependence, density dependence, and parasitoid flies on the fitness of male field crickets. Ecological Modelling 169:119-130.

S. E. Walker. 2006. Categorical data analysis and artificial nests: what exactly is a log-linear model? Oikos114:191-192.

Lehmann, L., S.E. Walker, & M.H. Persons. 2004. The influence of predator sex on chemically-mediated antipredator response in the wolf spider Pardosa milvina (Araneae: Lycosidae). Ethology 110:323-339.

Marshall, S. D., S. E. Walker, & A. L. Rypstra. 2006. Matrix sensitivity shapes the response of two ecologically-divergent generalist predators to landscape pattern. Oikos114:241-248.

Walker, S. E. & J. T. Irwin.  2006. Sexual Dimorphism in the metabolic rate of two species of wolf spider (Araneae: Lycosidae). Journal of Arachnology 34:368-373.

Gray, D. W., C. Banuelos, S. E. Walker, W.H. Cade, & M. Zuck. 2007. Behavioural specialization among populations of the acoustically orienting parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea utilizing different cricket species as hosts.  Animal Behavior. 73:99-104.

Buena, L. J. & S. E. Walker.  2008. Information asymmetry and aggressive behaviour in male house crickets, Acheta domesticus.  Animal Behaviour 75:199-204.

Lloyd, D.C., D.C. Zacherl, S.E. Walker, G. Paradis, M. Sheehy, & R. Warner. 2008. Natal site affects elemental signatures in Kelletia kelletii laraval statoliths. Marine Ecology Progress Series 353:115-130.

Walker, S.E., J.A. Roberts, I. Adame, C.J. Collins, & D. Lim. 2008. Heads up: Sexual dimorphism in house crickets. Canadian Journal of Zoology 86:253-259.